Factors to Consider When you want to sell iPhone 4 for Cash

There are many things that you need to consider once you have made a decision to sell iPhone 4 for cash Despite being an old model, your iPhone 4 should give you good money especially if it is still in good condition. Therefore, do not rush to sell your device. Instead, take time and trend cautiously because there are scams out there. Make sure that you are getting the best deal for your device.

Consider the price

The major point of  to sell your iphone is to get extra cash so that you can spend it on buying the latest iPhone model or other stuffs. It is therefore important that you take time to compare prices that different buyers give you. Websites like Gazelle and Amazon are consistently offering trade-ins pricing. However, the price that you will get through such trade in deals is not the same as the price that you can get by selling your device . Therefore, compare the prices that different sites are offering in order to choose a site that offers you the best price for your device.

Credit or cash

This is another factor that you need to consider. Find out how you will receive payment for your iPhone 4. Some retailers offer credit instead of cash. Most wireless operators will also not give you cash if you accept to trade in your device. There are also stores that will give you a gift card or credit that you can use to pay for accessories or service. Such stores might not be ideal for you if you want to sell iphone 4 for cash. However, if you always shop from the retailer who offers you credit, it is fine because you can use the credit in paying for future bills.

Understand terms of the deal

Read the deal’s fine print very carefully to understand what it means. This will enable you to determine whether the conditions, if any, are acceptable to you. There are buyers who offer attractive promotions but these are applied to new customers only. Therefore, know what the written deal stipulates before you agree to sell your iPhone 4 with to the buyer.


Your time is very important. To some people, standing in a queue waiting to sell an old iPhone 4 is simply unacceptable. Some are ready to sacrifice their time waiting for their turn to sell their device. Depending on your schedule, consider which buyer gives you the convenience that you need while selling your iPhone 4.

What you need to do

It is important that you conduct some research before you sell your iPhone 4. Find out which buyer offers the best price for used iPhones. If you must receive payment in cash, also find out which buyer will pay you in cash once you present your device. This way, you will avoid wasting your time visiting the buyer expecting to sell iPhone 4 for cash only to be offered a trade in deal offer or credit.

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How to I sell My Old iPhone- A Guide on How to Sell an Old iPhone

If you are getting carried away by the new Smartphone models from Apple, you might wonder, how do I sell my old iPhone so that I can buy a new one? More people are looking for the best ways of disposing their old iPhones so that they can use that money in buying the latest versions. The old Apple devices’ market is burgeoning. People are using different channels and forums to sell and buy old iPhones. If you want to sell your old iPhone, you need to consider some of these channels before you decide on the best way to sell your old iPhone.


Carrier stores are some of the major trade-in options. Although this is a new option, it has intensified the competiton between the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile. All major carriers have introduced trade-in programs via which they purchase old iPhones and give owners money towards the purchase of new devices with contracts which ensure that owners continue using the services of the carriers.


Several retailers have also ventured into the trade-in game. These have varying offers. Apple is one of the major retailers with such a program. The company has entered a partnership with Brightstar, a trade-in company and is now buying old iPhones in exchange for gift cards from the Apple Store. Such gift cards can be used in buying new iPhones. Other retailers with similar trade-in programs include Amazon and Staples.

Sell My iphone 4

Online websites

There are numerous websites whose focus is on selling used iPhones. These include eBay and Gazelle. Gazelle can offer you up to $315 for an old iPhone 5 if it is in a flawless condition. Other sites via which you can sell your used iPhone include Craigslist and Amazon. It is important that you consider what these sites are offering to determine the most ideal website via which to sell your device.

What should I do before I sell my old iPhone?

Apparently, there are many ways of selling a used iPhone. However, there are things that you should do before you sell your device. For instance, you need to decide on the price to ask for you device. The price at which you sell your iPhone will vary depending on several factors especially the condition of the device when you offer it for sale. The model of your old iPhone will also influence its price. Older models are usually cheaper than the latest models. Therefore, conduct a simple search to find out at what price is the model of the phone that you want to sell trading at.

Erase the content of your old iPhone

Before you sell your old iPhone, make sure that you have erased all the personal data in the phone after creating a backup on iCloud or iTunes. This includes videos, photos and other files. Also logout all accounts that might be logged in including iCloud account and others such as Facebook and Twitter.

Generally, with this information you should no longer be asking, how do I sell my old iPhone? Instead, offer your old iPhone for sale now to make extra money from it.

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Where to sell iPhone at the Best Price Possible

It is that time when everybody is looking for where to sell iPhone so that they can rush for the new and inevitably better model of the iPhone. Fortunately, with the internet you can at least get something for your old device. There are many places where you can find someone who wants your old device and willing to pay for it. Here are some of the places where you can sell your old iPhone.


This is one of the places where you will most probably get more money from your old iPhone. However, you must be ready to deal with spammers and scammers. You will also have many emails to sort out from buyers who want to get your device at the lowest price possible. However, if you are ready to deal with all this, you can get a good deal on your old device. Always remember that if you agree to sell your device to a person on Craigslist, meet with that person at a public place such as a bank lobby.


This requires you to list your device on an internet auction channel. Perhaps, this is the major challenge of selling an iPhone on eBay. You have to work for the money that you want to get from your own device. After listing your device, you set its entry price and wait for prospects to bid. Choose for the highest bidder and offer to sell your device to them.

Best Buy

With Best Buy, you have an option of interacting with other humans or do businesses under a computer shield or based anonymity. You need to consider this option if you need a place where to sell iPhone you simply get an estimate then you either email it or take it to one of the participating stores.


The trade-in program by Amazon is among the best bets regardless of the age of the iPhone. Even if you have a 4 or 3GS, you will get some money back to your pocket. You simply need to give some details of the phone including the kind of a device that you have, the carry on it if any, its condition and the accessories that it might have. You will get a gift card for your device. Actually, Amazon can buy even archaic phones at high prices. With Amazon, you also have an opportunity to sell the phone individually. However, this option can give you headache because you have to create an account and list the device at your preferred price.


Wal-Mart has a pretty standard system but at least it will offer you something for your device. You get a quote for the device, establish its condition and mail it then wait for a gift card. Wal-Mart can give you $5.50 for iPhone 3GS.

Generally, there are many places that you should consider when selling your old iPhone. Simply compare the available options and what they are offering before making your decision on where to sell iPhone so that you can get the best deal on your device.

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sell my iphone 4

Where Can I Sell My iPhone 4? – Different Places to Consider when Selling an Old iPhone

Where can I sell my iPhone 4? This might be the question that is lingering in your mind now. Generally, there are many places where you can sell your iPhone. Nevertheless, it is important that you know the options that you have so that you can determine the place where you can sell your device to get the best money for it possible.

Social networks

Today, you will find almost everybody on Twitter or Facebook. Most of these people use these social networks every day for several hours. This means that you can get many people wanting to buy your device once you post a message on Twitter or Facebook that you are selling your iPhone 4. It is likely that you will find a friend or a friend of your friend who might be interested in your iPhone 4.


You can also post a classified ad and wait for calls from prospects. You can use a magazine or an online ad and this will give you a good chance of getting someone who might be interested in your device. However, different people will call you and this can be annoying because they might bother you throughout the day. Some of them will be trying to bargain for the device but not interested in buying. Sometimes, you will get calls even after selling your device. Therefore, be ready for this before you place a classified ad on a magazine or online.


Trade-in programs

Are you still asking where can I sell my iPhone? Then it means the above options do not appeal to you. In that case, consider trade-in programs such as the Amazon trade-in program. This means that you will get a gift card or voucher that you can use in buying something from this online store. Thus, Amazon trade-in program is ideal for you if there is something that you want to purchase from Amazon. However, if you want to get real cash, this is not the best option for you.

Recycle and reuse program

Apple has a recycling and reuse program. However, to use this program you need to answer questions that will enable the firm to estimate the value of your device and offer you a value for it. If you accept the offer, you will have to send the device to Dataserve to have the device evaluated. This is the recycling partner for Apple. You will be sent the money after the device has been checked thoroughly.

Sell your device to a Telecommunication firm

Most telecommunication firms are always happy when people take their old iPhones to them. However, this does not mean that they offer sellers the best deals. Actually, they offer to trade the device for other phones. The good thing about it is that they can give you the latest iPhone model though you might have to add some cash to get it.

Generally, there are many options that you should consider if the question of “where can I sell my iPhone 4” is lingering in your mind. Considering these options will enable you to get the best deal on your old device.

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