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Mac App Store Review

As you probably already know there are some new changes coming to the Mac operating system. It was announced today that Mac OSX Lion (10.7) will be released Summer 2011. One element of this new operating system has Apple so excited that they will be releasing it for Snow Leopard in 90 days. This is the Mac App Store.

Apple has seen the explosive success of the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch and has brought the same functionality to OSX. Developers will have a way to develop applications that meet Apple’s standards of quality and can be easily deployed to large audiences. End users will have a wealthy library of free, paid, and ad supported apps that can be found, downloaded, and launched in a minimal number of clicks.

It is not yet known what the full potential of this new and growing will be. It will most likely bring a whole new experience to users and allow small-time developers to make it big in the world of app development. This is exactly where Mac App Store Review comes in…

Developers will have the opportunity so submit apps to the new Mac App Store in 30 days. This means that there will be a wealth of new development code that has yet to be publicly reviewed. As these new apps come out we will do whatever possible to find the newest, best, and coolest apps for you to download. We will find what we know you will love and filter out the rest.

If history truly does repeat itself, then the Mac App Store is going to change everything. We will be here to guide you through the journey.

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