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iLife 11′ Not Bundled, Family Packs No Longer Available

iLife and iWork sales previewApple’s distribution of it’s iLife and iWork 11′ apps through the Mac App Store is going to bring some interesting changes to how Mac users purchase their software. Instead of buying an entire software package each individual component can be purchased and downloaded individually. Those who want only Pages and have no use for Numbers can save quite a bit on ther software costs. The currently announced iLive 11′ apps (iMovie, iPhoto, Garage Band) will sell for $14.99 each and the iWork apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) will sell for $19.99 each.

One interesting thing to note is that the entire iWork package will sell for a total of $59.97, well below its current package price of $79, bringing significant savings to users even if they use all three components.

It appears that Apple is also discontinuing its family pack program, allowing the software to be installed on five family computers. This has been replaced with the ability for a user to use a purchased app on all personal Macs.

Thankfully the reduction of production costs for physical discs and packaging is reducing the cost of software to the end user.

Continue watching Mac App Store Review for price updates on upcoming Apple software.

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  1. I’m glad they are going to be sold separately… I never use keynote.

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