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File Sharing Made Simple with “DropCopy”

DropCopy is a very impressive yet lightweight local network file sharing program. Users simply install the app on two or more computers and a link is instantly established via Apple’s built-in Bonjour service. You can even set up fast transfer to a FTP server as well! To copy a file simply drag and drop to the translucent circle on the desktop. If more than one computer is available a simple selection menu appears. The file is optimized and sent. That’s it. I had this app from download to transferring files in less than 60 seconds.

If you don’t believe how amazing this app is simply look at its star ratings. On the final hours of the Mac App Store’s debut day the app had 22 ratings, 21 of which were 5 stars. Throw in one more 5 star rating from Mac App Store Review!

DropCopy - Mac App Store Review

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  1. tried this myself… very awesome and easy to use

  2. this is going 2 b great for at home….

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