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‘Angry Birds’ Brings Fun to the Big Screen

The wildly popular iOS app Angry Birds (one of the top apps of 2010) has become one of the largest hits on the newly released Mac App Store.

Are you one of the tens of thousands of people who are addicted to Angry Birds for iPhone? If so, then Angry Birds on the Mac App Store is perfect for you! This remake of the best selling iPhone app comes to life with vibrant color on your computer screen. Who wouldn’t love launching flocks of angry birds at those green, snorting pigs?

Just like the original, this app offers simple gameplay where birds are launched at the evil pigs. Birds of different colors have special abilities including the yellow turbo bird and the black bomb bird. Extra points are awarded for destroying level objects and for leftover birds. Levels slowly increase in difficulty, providing a continually challenging experience, without leaving players stuck on difficult levels.

The app’s description boasts that future updates will, “feature unique enhancements, not available in the mobile version.” These enhancements are still a mystery, but will be free with future automatic updates from the Mac App Store.

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  1. Hong Schoen

    Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next! Thx for share

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