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Home Store News Mac OS X Lion – Only Available for Download from the Mac App Store

Mac OS X Lion – Only Available for Download from the Mac App Store

Apple officially announced the details surrounding the launch of their greatly anticipated Mac OSX Lion today.  Lion will bring many new advanced features while once again lifting the Mac operating system over its competition. Many of the new features have already been seen, but have been exposed with more detail than ever.

Mac OSX Lion - Mac App Store Review

  • Mission Control - Advertised as one of the best features of Lion, Mission Control gives you an overhead view of all your open spaces, windows and applications.
  • Mac App Store – With new features such as push notifications and in-app purchases, the Mac App Store will be better than ever!
  • Launchpad - Launchpad looks just like iOS on your desktop. Put your favorite apps in Launchpad (even within folders) for instant access.
  • Multi-Touch Gestures – Also mirrors iOS. Swipe, pinch and twist your way through all your apps using your Mac’s trackpad.
  • Full Screen Apps – With native support for making any app work in fullscreen mode you can get your work done in a distraction free environment. One quick swipe and you have instant access to your desktop or another running full screen app.
  • AirDrop – Want to quickly send a file to another computer connected to your network? Drag. Drop. Done.
  • Resume – Instantly resume your work in any app. When you close an app, everything that it’s doing is stored and is waiting for you when you launch it again. Also supports file version saving (in a method that doesn’t eat your hard drive space away).
  • Mail – Mail is completely redesigned with more intelligent features and an interface that looks just like Mail on the iPad.
  • Upgraded Photo Booth – Everyone crowd to your local Apple store and start snapping with the new Photo Booth! Facial recognition software allows you to alter specific features of your face. Give yourself huge eyes with wavy lips… automagically!

Of course one of the biggest changes is Apple’s method for distributing this new software. Mac OS X Lion will be available as a $29.99 purchase on the Mac App Store. Leaving a physical product behind allows Apple to cut down on manufacturing and packaging costs, passing the savings to the end users.


Mac OS X Lion is scheduled to launch in the Mac App Store late July.

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