How to I sell My Old iPhone- A Guide on How to Sell an Old iPhone

If you are getting carried away by the new Smartphone models from Apple, you might wonder, how do I sell my old iPhone so that I can buy a new one? More people are looking for the best ways of disposing their old iPhones so that they can use that money in buying the latest versions. The old Apple devices’ market is burgeoning. People are using different channels and forums to sell and buy old iPhones. If you want to sell your old iPhone, you need to consider some of these channels before you decide on the best way to sell your old iPhone.


Carrier stores are some of the major trade-in options. Although this is a new option, it has intensified the competiton between the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile. All major carriers have introduced trade-in programs via which they purchase old iPhones and give owners money towards the purchase of new devices with contracts which ensure that owners continue using the services of the carriers.


Several retailers have also ventured into the trade-in game. These have varying offers. Apple is one of the major retailers with such a program. The company has entered a partnership with Brightstar, a trade-in company and is now buying old iPhones in exchange for gift cards from the Apple Store. Such gift cards can be used in buying new iPhones. Other retailers with similar trade-in programs include Amazon and Staples.

Sell My iphone 4

Online websites

There are numerous websites whose focus is on selling used iPhones. These include eBay and Gazelle. Gazelle can offer you up to $315 for an old iPhone 5 if it is in a flawless condition. Other sites via which you can sell your used iPhone include Craigslist and Amazon. It is important that you consider what these sites are offering to determine the most ideal website via which to sell your device.

What should I do before I sell my old iPhone?

Apparently, there are many ways of selling a used iPhone. However, there are things that you should do before you sell your device. For instance, you need to decide on the price to ask for you device. The price at which you sell your iPhone will vary depending on several factors especially the condition of the device when you offer it for sale. The model of your old iPhone will also influence its price. Older models are usually cheaper than the latest models. Therefore, conduct a simple search to find out at what price is the model of the phone that you want to sell trading at.

Erase the content of your old iPhone

Before you sell your old iPhone, make sure that you have erased all the personal data in the phone after creating a backup on iCloud or iTunes. This includes videos, photos and other files. Also logout all accounts that might be logged in including iCloud account and others such as Facebook and Twitter.

Generally, with this information you should no longer be asking, how do I sell my old iPhone? Instead, offer your old iPhone for sale now to make extra money from it.

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